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Beat the Chill, Unleash Your Potential: Women's Base Layers for Every Adventure.

Dominate your workout and conquer the elements with our dynamic collection of women's base layers. Designed to be the first layer of your active ensemble, these versatile garments wick away sweat, keep you warm in chilly conditions, and provide a comfortable foundation for any activity. Whether you're a dedicated athlete pushing your limits or a fitness enthusiast enjoying a brisk morning walk, our athletic base layers for women ensure you stay dry, comfortable, and focused on achieving your goals.

Base Layers:

Dive into our diverse selection of base layers and discover the perfect fit for your needs:

  • Temperature Regulation: Women's sports base layers come in various fabrics designed for different temperatures.

    • Moisture-Wicking Fabrics: For high-intensity workouts or warm weather activities, choose base layers made from moisture-wicking fabrics like polyester or merino wool. These materials draw sweat away from your skin, keeping you cool and dry throughout your workout.

    • Thermal Fabrics: For cold-weather activities, explore our selection of base layers crafted from thermal fabrics like fleece or merino wool. These materials trap warmth next to your skin, keeping you comfortable in chilly conditions.

  • Fit for Performance: Look for features that enhance comfort and performance during any activity:

    • Seamless Construction: Seamless base layers minimize chafing and irritation during high-movement activities.

    • Compression Fit: Compression base layers gently hug your body, promoting blood flow and muscle support during exercise.

    • Flatlock Stitching: Flatlock seams ensure a smooth, comfortable feel against your skin.

Explore the Variety:

We offer a range of base layer styles to suit your preferences:

  • Tops: Choose from tank tops, long sleeves, or turtlenecks for optimal coverage and warmth.

  • Bottoms: Leggings, capri pants, and knee-high socks provide various coverage options depending on your activity and weather conditions.

  • Sets: For convenience, explore our base layer sets that include both a top and bottom in a matching fabric and style.

Building Your Active Wardrobe:

Women's sports apparel goes beyond just base layers. Explore our extensive collection of performance sports bras, tanks, tees, shorts, and leggings to create a complete activewear outfit that matches your style and needs.

Shop our wide range of women's base layers and discover the perfect foundation for peak performance and all-day comfort during any workout!